Hi, I am Tristano

I am an online marketing expert with a strong background in web design and media production. I have skills in many different aspects of the digital marketing, from the general strategy to the technical development.

I have a strong passion for technology, web and brand identity. I like projects that involves graphics and coding where aesthetic and functionality are wisely balanced.

In my career I had the opportunity to learn how to work as project manager covering different aspects like: copy writing, web design, graphic design , video editing and Internet marketing.
ps: I have spent my youth travelling around the world in the Olympic Sailing Team and now I am coaching the Dutch 49er Team.

My Skills

Web Design

80% Complete (success)

Photography + Videography

95% Complete

Graphic Design

85% Complete (warning)


80% Complete


My email address is: info@tristanovacondio.com and this is the link to my LinkedIn profile.