Bewoners aan het woord over hun passie om te wonen op een woonschip
In de familietentoonstelling ‘Wonen op Water’ (8+) vertellen acht bewoners wat hen drijft om op het water te wonen en geven je een kijkje in hun leven. Aan de hand van speciaal voor de expositie gebouwde modellen van verschillende woonschepen en waterwoningen ontdek je met welke uitdagingen een waterbewoner dagelijks te maken heeft. Waar komt de post? Wat als je je sleutel laat vallen? En hoe zet je je meubels zo neer dat de boot niet zinkt? Combineer je bezoek met een familiewandeling en gluur binnen bij échte woonbootbewoners in de museumhaven. Te zien t/m 14 maart 2016.

She went on a blind date and met the ‘perfect guy’. Once they got to his place, everything changed.
Boy meets girl at 2:42. Then, he charms her at 4:01 before she realizes the truth at 6:04…

Filmmakers Daniel Lazo and Eran May-raz tell a story in the not-so-distant future, where people use retinal implants and apps to assist — and even control and argument — their reality.

Patrick is an engineer at Sight System, a company that develops augmented reality software. His life revolves around gaming and gaining achievements in his everyday life.

One day, he goes on a blind date and meets Daphne. The conversation starts out awkward, so he loads up “Wingman.” The app uses facial recognition and body language detection to analyze Daphne’s signs and gives Patrick suggestions on how to react and reply for the ‘perfect’ date.

Daphne begins to feel a connection and Patrick invites her back to his place for a nightcap. But once they’re alone, she notices the Wingman achievement on his wall and figures out he manipulated her.

She starts to leave in disgust. But then, Patrick hacks into her Sight and tries again.

Used with permission from Daniel Lazo/Robot Genius. Learn more at

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Tour a Spacious Open Concept Tiny House Parked in a Legal Community
Tour this stunning 360 square foot tiny house in the tiny house community in Lantier, Quebec, Canada. The interior was built using reclaimed wood from a nearby home that was torn down and features a vaulted ceiling, retractable staircase, full-sized bathroom, and a loft bedroom with Japanese-inspired in-floor storage. The exterior has beautiful hemlock siding and a bright red roof.

Pierre bought this tiny house from a DIY builder who decided to sell it after one year. The builder put windows on the south facing wall to ensure the sun would warm the house in winter. It is insulated with eight inches of cellulose insulation.

In the video, the house is at the centre of the 2016 Tiny House Festival but has since been moved up the hill to it’s permanent location on Pierre’s lot of land where the tiny house is completely legal.

Pierre says he bought the tiny home because he didn’t have the means to purchase a bigger home and was happy to have found a community where parking a tiny house was legal so that he could live with other people and not be alone in the country.

The community where he lives was developed by Habitat Multi Générations and is called Les Hameaux de la Source. You can learn more about it here:

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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Filming Credits:
Mat of Exploring Alternatives

How to display form entries to logged in WordPress users only
One of the most frequently asked questions about our new Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms add-ons is, how to display form entries to logged in users only.

While Conductor doesn’t support it out of the box, there are some great plugins that can help! In this video I’ll show you how to do use Hide This plugin to hide a table of Gravity Forms entries, to logged in users only.

Conductor plugin
Gravity Forms add-on
Ninja Forms add-on
Hide This plugin

Marine Batteries for Trolling Motor–Specs to Look For–(deep cycle marine 12v batteries)
I recently did some research to find the best replacement trolling motor battery for myself.

When getting a battery for your boat its good to take the following into consideration:
1.Must get a deep cycle marine battery (as opposed to starting battery or car battery for trolling motor).

2. R.C. minutes stands for reserve capacity minutes which is the time it takes to fully discharge a battery with a 25 amp draw. R.C. minutes can help you predict how long you can run a trolling motor off the battery. A good standard is a 40lb thrust trolling motor on full speed draws about 42 amps continuously.

3.Cranking Amps is the amps the battery can give out in a 30 second burst. Useful if using battery to start a gas powered motor.
Marine cranking amps and cold cranking amps measure the same thing (amps the battery can give out in a 30 second burst) just at different temperatures. Marine cranking amps is always about 1/3 higher than cold cranking as marine cranking amps are measured at 32 F while cold cranking amps are measured at 0 degrees F.

4. Determine how dependent you are on you battery if you should get a cheaper battery or more reliable and more expensive battery. Personally, since my gas motor pull start I found the cheaper deep cycle battery (got one at Sam’s Club for $85) was most economical.

If Energy Drink Ads Were Honest – Honest Ads (Monster, Red Bull, Gatorade Parody)

Energy drinks are just like drugs except with cooler colors.

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Sure Red Bull, Monster Energy and Gatorade might be poison, but it’s fun poison!