Here a practical table with a sortable list of actions that you can take in order to grow your mailing list. On the Sumome website you can read the full article with explanation and examples for each action.

[table colwidth=”180|100|30|30|30″ ]Strategy,Category,Time,Cost,Traffic
Static Welcome Mat Landing Page,On Your Site,1,1,3
Home Page Welcome Mat,On Your Site,1,1,3
Create a Popup,On Your Site,1,1,2
Timed Popup,On Your Site,1,1,2
Percent Page Read Popup,On Your Site,1,1,2
Set Your Email Signup Tab on Facebook,Social Media,1,1,2
Share in LinkedIn Groups,Social Media,1,1,2
Social Monitoring,Social Media,1,1,2
Share an Opt-In Offer in Slack Communities,Community Platforms,1,1,2
Home Page Smart Bar,On Your Site,1,1,1
Exit Intent Popup,On Your Site,1,1,1
Post a Link in Your Skype Status,Personal Networking,1,1,1
Use to Add a Call to Action to Any Link You Share,Personal Networking,1,1,1
Update Your Email Signature,Personal Networking,1,1,1
Ask for Referrals from Friends,Personal Networking,1,1,1
Include a CTA in Your Social Media Bios,Social Media,1,1,1
Pin a Tweet with a CTA to Join Your List,Social Media,1,1,1
Add a Call to Action Post to Your Edgar Library on Twitter,Social Media,1,1,1
Do a Call to Action Post on Instagram,Social Media,1,1,1
Add Regular Call to Action Facebook Posts to your Edgar Library,Social Media,1,1,1
Post in Google+ Communities,Social Media,1,1,1
Add a Link to Your Landing Page on LinkedIn,Social Media,1,1,1
Pin Your Call to Action to Your Own Board on Pinterest,Social Media,1,1,1
Pin Your Call to Action to A Group Board on Pinterest,Social Media,1,1,1
Update Your Forum Signature with a Link to Your Landing Page,Community Platforms,1,1,1
Email Service Provider Landing Page,On Your Site,1,2,3
Landing Page Software,On Your Site,1,2,3
Give a Freebie in Exchange for an Email Address,Through Your Products,2,1,2
Put a Gated Entrance to Paid Product,Through Your Products,2,1,2
Add an Autoresponder Email With a Call to Action,Personal Networking,2,1,2
Post in Facebook Groups,Social Media,2,1,2
Export Your Linkedin Contacts,Social Media,2,1,2
Share a Opt-in Offer on Reddit,Community Platforms,2,1,2
Answer Questions on Quora,Community Platforms,2,1,2
Post in Niche Forums,Community Platforms,2,1,2
Share Your Opt-In Offer on Community Sites,Community Platforms,2,1,2
Craigslist,On Other Sites,2,1,2
Republish Your Content,On Other Sites,2,1,2
Post to Medium,On Other Sites,2,1,2
Create A Resource Library,Through Interesting Content,2,1,2
Gate Your Blog Posts,Through Interesting Content,2,1,2
Give Away Bonuses,Through Interesting Content,2,1,2
Offer Content Only Subscribers Get,Your Email Newsletter,2,1,2
Ask Your Existing Subscribers for Referrals,Your Email Newsletter,2,1,2
Facebook Page Cover Image,Social Media,2,1,1
Set Your Facebook Page’s Call to Action Button,Social Media,2,1,1
Start Your Own Group Pinterest Board,Social Media,2,1,1
Home Page Sign Up Box,On Your Site,2,1,3
Include an Email Field in Your Checkout Process,Through Your Products,2,1,3
Create a Landing Page,On Your Site,2,2,3
Host a Regular Meetup,Personal Networking,3,1,2
Speak At An Event,Personal Networking,3,1,2
Ask On The Phone,Personal Networking,3,1,2
Old School Pen and Paper Sign Up,Personal Networking,3,1,1
Segment Your List,Your Email Newsletter,2,2,3
Use An Agency,On Other Sites,2,3,3
Be a Podcast Guest,Community Platforms,3,1,3
Product Hunt,On Other Sites,3,1,3
Static Signup Form,On Your Site,2,2,2
Email Your Customers a Receipt,Through Your Products,2,2,2
Give a Discount in Exchange for an Email Address,Through Your Products,2,2,2
Pre-Sell A Product,Through Your Products,2,2,2
Conduct A Survey,Personal Networking,2,2,2
Start a Subscribers-Only Facebook Group,Social Media,2,2,2
Repurpose Content,Through Interesting Content,2,2,2
Find and Promote Your Evergreen Content,Through Interesting Content,2,2,2
Do a List Swap,Your Email Newsletter,2,2,2
Subscriber-Only Deals Newsletter,Your Email Newsletter,3,1,3
Manually Add Emails of Customers,Personal Networking,3,2,3
Set Up a Closed Course Signup,Through Your Products,3,2,2
Guest Post on Other Sites,On Other Sites,3,2,2
Write A Book,Through Interesting Content,3,2,2
Buy Your List,Your Email Newsletter,1,3,2
Host a Webinar,Community Platforms,3,2,3
Custom Coded Landing Page,On Your Site,3,3,3
Start a Podcast,Community Platforms,3,3,3
Affiliate Marketing,On Other Sites,3,3,3
Build A Tool,Through Interesting Content,3,3,3
Email Courses,Through Interesting Content,3,3,3
Host an Event,Personal Networking,3,3,2[/table]

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