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Email Design Guide

The Email Design Guide is filled with tips and advice to help you convey your message in style. Learn how to better use images, fonts, calls to action and more.

Getting real survey answers out of smart, busy people

How Quartz got 940 of the world’s business leaders to tell us how they consume news and respond to advertising In March, we conducted the Quartz Global Executives Study, a survey to better understand how senior business executives—our core users—consume news and engage with advertising. We learned a lot about executives’ media consumption, some of… Read more »

80 ways to increase your mailing list

Here a practical table with a sortable list of actions that you can take in order to grow your mailing list. On the Sumome website you can read the full article with explanation and examples for each action. [table colwidth=”180|100|30|30|30″ ]Strategy,Category,Time,Cost,Traffic Static Welcome Mat Landing Page,On Your Site,1,1,3 Home Page Welcome Mat,On Your Site,1,1,3 Create a… Read more »

Who Does What in the Tech Industry?

When setting out to learn design and development for the web or mobile, it can be difficult to figure out where to begin and where you’re actually headed. In this video, Treehouse co-founder Ryan Carson explains the different types of projects, tools, and job roles that are most common in the tech industry. Join Treehouse… Read more »

Email Toolbox

Courses, online, classes and books to learn about email marketing. Unmasking HTML Emails  Code School Website HTML Email Design  Treehouse Website Responsive HTML Email Design  Frontend Masters Website Modern HTML Email  Rodriguez CommaJ Website Professional Email Design  Rodriguez CommaJ Website Getting Started with Email Marketing  Skillshare Website Designing Effective Emails  Skillshare Website Writing Effective Emails … Read more »

Design responsive emails with brand new Ink

App design powerhouse, ZURB today launched Ink, a powerful new resource for designers to easily produce responsive HTML emails that look and work great across more mobile platforms than ever, including Outlook. “If you’re not considering mobile devices for your emails,” says Jonathan Smiley, Partner at ZURB and Creator of ZURB Foundation, “you’re not just… Read more »