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Who Are the EuroTrumps? A ‘United States of Europe’ guide to Trump wanna-bes in upcoming EU elections. Are Europeans giving you trouble about Trump? Just refer them to the EuroTrump for their country. France: Marine LePen. Netherlands: Geert Wilders. Germany: Frauke Petry. Trigger warning: There’s a Nazi joke or 2. But it’s based on the guy’s own quote.
Taped & edited at Marco Klein & Partners. (*Schaar* in Dutch means ‘scissor’ !)

Hi, I’m Greg Shapiro. Comedian. American. Dutchman. I came to Amsterdam to work with Boom Chicago comedy theater, and I never left. Now I’m known as ‘the Voice of Trump’ in the viral video ‘The Netherlands Welcomes Trump in His Own Words.’

Along the way, I’ve hosted ‘Comedy Central News,’ I’ve written a book ‘How to Be Orange,’ and I’ve worked side by side with Boom Chicago alumni such as Seth Meyers, Jordan Peele and Jason Sudeikis.
I’m now working on a ‘Daily Show for the EU’ called ‘United States of Europe.’ Please subscribe! It really helps.

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Born in Italy. Working in the Netherlands. Passionate of all things digital. Builder of marketing solutions & digital products. Former professional sailor, you can find me on Nena around the canals of Haarlem.

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